Electrical equipment: Test, Reviews and Comparison – June 2024

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No, I haven’t decided to go to war with the supermarkets and the DIY sector, but I do intend to help you save money on your electrical equipment.

In fact, I took the time to navigate the electrical and tooling departments of several brands, and some rates made me react, for good or for bad.

How DIY stores attract you into their nets:
It is a classic, as in supermarkets and hypermarkets, DIY stores – or GSB to put it simply, use premium products.

In GSB and more particularly for electrical equipment, this is the case for wire and electrical cable, which is sold at very competitive prices.

Personally, as a professional electrician, I do not necessarily manage to have as competitive rates for electrical wire as in GSB, which orders it in very large quantities at the national level for large chains.

But, there is a difference that may seem trivial, it is the packaging of the electrical wires.

The cable supplied in GSB is simply strapped with plastic strips: To unroll the wire, these plastic strips must be cut off. It is likely that after a while, your electrical wire coils will unroll completely, and you will end up with a ball of electrical wire to untangle. Not at all convenient on the work sites (it is the same for ICTA ducts, I mention it here).

This is not the case for electrical wire purchased from a supplier of specialized electrical equipment. The electric wire coils also have both straps as in GSB but are also filmed with plastic. The straps must be removed in order to unroll the electrical wire, but the film must not be removed: in this way, the coil of electrical wire remains compact, which is very useful when unrolling inside the ICTA ducts.

Above: electrical wire from a specialized supplier, wrapping around to facilitate unrolling.

Above: GSB electrical wire, not convenient to use once the two plastic straps have been cut

Electrical equipment: on which products do they make you lose money?
So you will have understood, the electric wire is the bait. It is therefore a good way to shoe the customer and sell him the rest of the electrical hardware: electrical equipment, equipment for the electrical panel, ancillary supplies….

In fact, the rest of the electrical equipment is much more expensive in GSB than what can be found on the Internet or at a specialized electrical equipment supplier.

The price differences listed below are given between a famous GSB brand and the prices recorded on the net. You can also make a list of equipment and request a comparison from independent suppliers in your area.

Electrical equipment: +33% more expensive in GSB

Price observed on a complete Celiane Legrand switch (Mechanism + hubcap + cover plate)

11,55€ in GSB
9,90€ on amazon

The electrical panel: +24% more expensive in GSB
Price recorded on a 16A DNX 4500 Legrand 16A circuit-breaker:

11,90€ in GSB
8,10€ on amazon

Equipment for electrical distribution: +210% more expensive in GSB
Price observed on a BBC flush-mounted box 2.6 inches diameter 1.6 inches deep:

1,05€ in GSB
0,50€ on the net

But then, why do you buy in GSB?
Despite these outrageous prices, between +24% and +210% more expensive in GSB, a good number of individuals buy DIY in supermarkets.

This is quite easy to understand because most often the material is available immediately and visually.

But it is enough to plan a little ahead the list of the necessary equipment to make significant savings on the electricity site!

In fact, you will know in advance that you need flush-mounted boxes, electrical wire, electrical connection terminals for circuit-breakers, etc……

A good electrical work site must be considered before starting in order to be more efficient during the work and especially to make significant savings.

List of electrical equipment to be purchased in advance on the Internet to save compared to GSB rates
I therefore present a list of electrical equipment that you can purchase before starting your work.

I have voluntarily made a short and quantified list, in order to make you aware of the simplicity and savings achieved:

Flush-mounted box: This is probably one of the easiest components to evaluate. Even if you do not have the exact equipment count, nothing prevents you from ordering a good fifty flush-mounted boxes. With the price differences I gave you above and counting an order of 60 BBC flush-mounted boxes, you can save at least 30 euros.
Electrical equipment: The control of electrical equipment before the work site is completed in electricity can be a very important source of savings. However, I advise you to take a brand that you can easily find in GSB, in order to be able to fill in any omissions once the work has been completed. I estimate that for a small T4 pavilion, you can save about 100 euros by ordering your electrical equipment on the Internet instead of buying it from GSB.
With these two examples alone, which, I repeat, are very simple to anticipate, you can save 130 euros, and this is only one part of the work in electricity!

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