Re: upgrading power

Spir Georges GHALI

Freeknow said:

 if upgrade meter from 100amperes to 150amperes, can I use the exsiting cable with out pulling new cable.


Please I need advices thnx  

Dear ;


First, you should know if the exicting cable can withstand 150A in the working conditions, noting that all tables of Current's Cables give the nominal current for each section coordingly the the cable's type & kind in the standard conditions that means the correction factors equal ” 1 “. If the nominal currnet if this cable in the working conditionbs is less than 150A, you have 2 solutions :

– You can chang completly the cbale by another suitable one.

– Or, lay another cable withe the same section, type, and kind, and connect them in parallel, but be carful, because the 2 cables should have the same length.