Re: tripping of supply

Spir Georges GHALI

DerDishant said:

when i am connecting the elctrical water heater, within few seconds the supply in my home is getting tripped…

This never happened before….it was working very well….but now i think the connecting leads are got corroded and thats why the earthing wire is getting actuated….how should i stop this?

I tried to remove the earthing connection and just connected the +ve & -ve wires, but still getting the fault… 

Dear ;


As each Electrical Water Heater contains a Heater Resistance, I think that the insulation layer around the resistance is damage, so, there's now a short circuit ( between phase & neutral ) with a connection to the body, for this reason :

1 – You remarked that the PE ( earthing wire ) is actuated.

2 – Normally, the value of the short circuit's current is too big comparing to the nominal current, it will trip the protection device that provoke at your case the tripping of the power supply ( it seems that there's no a special device for this water heater ). 


The best solution is to change, if possible, the heater resistance.