Re: transformer losses

Mohsan islam

i want

to calcute my home electricity load and also want to know illuminus calclations

formuly any bdy hlp me plz?


Hello Dear mhrnaseer,

You can measure the load current of your home using clamp


Multiply load current to standard voltages which are usually

220V,which results your  home load.


Illumination is defined as “the emitted luminous flux per

unit area is called illumination”.


 E=Φ/A    (lux).

Illumination at any surface can be calculated by two laws:

1) inverse square law    

2) Lambert’s law


1)inverse square law tells that the illumination of a

surface is inversely proportional to the square 

of  the distance of the surface

from the source.

 i.e   E «1/d^2


2) Lambert’s law tells that illumination is directly

proportional to cosine of the angle made by the normal to the illuminated

surface with the direction of the incident flux.

 i.e E  « I cosΘ   where I is  luminous intensity.


combining the both laws we get


E «(I/d^2)cosΘ