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Yes, as usual there are unserious companies and series companies. Incorrect and correct guys, as usual in the world. What is true is tha many also serious manufacturers issue tender text with figures which the specific application don’t need. The people who compares the competition offers very often knows but have no time to make a technical comparison and insist that the product must fulfill the tender text. It means the product is already decided before the tender is issued.
On the end it is depending from customer relations whether you have a chance and from the technical competence to convience and teach the decision maker that the offered solution for his specific application is in total the best…with high reliability, lomng life and saving installation costs.
To lower the prices of piecepart only to reduce the protection capacity to a lower level as everybody is cooking with water !! Only to lower price = to lower low qualty = risk of damages and finally the most expensive solution for the user ! Low price SPDs with lower qualty can only sold via wholesaler to unexperienced installer for residential project but not for industrial application where heavy damages can be danger for the existence of a manufacturer. Purchasing people only look at price its their job and sometime technical people are too weak to insist on the better but more expensive SPD. Thats business life, but finally the customer will take the right decisision if he knows what he risk with a low price product:” you get what you pay !” A correct Education with true infoemation (not brain washing by untrue marketing informations) of technician and also purchaser is very important for a good understanding which safe the business of a serious SPD manufacturer of SPD. Piece part price is not most important !