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@ Filmark

> UK is using which standard? British standards?

Sir, in the UK they use (for new installations) the 17th edition of the British standards, BS 7671:2008.
All the rules on how to size correctly an installation in regards to the safety of persons and goods is given in these regulations.

>would you be kind enough to help me find a software for british standard specifically in Kingdom of Bahrain for design load computation and sizing up of three phase transformers. thanks a lot. :)

After a little research on the net there 2 softwares that claim to perform sizing calcultations according to the british standards mentionned above.
One of them is AMTECH :

I have never worked with it nor have I been able to get a demo version to try out. It does seems rather expensive but this is all very relative to its usage.

The other software that i bumpt into for this type of work but again having never tried it I do not know what it is worth or how user friendly it is : CYMAP :

You should contact the companies commercialising this softwares and try to get a demo version to see if this is what you are looking for.

All the best


@ Adildak

> Hi, freinds! can you tell me fromwhere can I download Tr-ciel?

Tr-Ciel has changed name, it now called Trace Elec Calc. It can help you size up installations under the following standards NF C 15-100, RGIE-AREI, IEC364, HD 384, CEI 64.

Message to everybody sizing softwares cost money they dont come free as they’re used in business environnment.
The most adequate way of acquiring them (and learning how to use them correctly!!) is through your professional activities.

All the best to all of you