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You must be aware of the fact that there are billions people living without electricity out of USA in this 21st century. For Example: In Afghanistan, only 6% people have access to home electrical power though, Americans’ presence in this country had been since 13-years (2001-2014). They have capitalized several un-literate Afghan most corrupted individuals in the country to easily rule Afghanistan by force that is impossible. Afghanistan with several millions Muslim inhabitants live in this Islamic State of Afghanistan. I love the people of USA but not the politicians. They have not invested a penny in generation of Hydropower Energy where we have many Rivers, read your Geography. We have the potential to generate 23,000 MGW Hydropower in Afghanistan. We engineers all around the world are not serving humanity that is out of being human being. We are functioning under wrong- doing Politicians. Send some good article in grid design so that I can share it with my college Afghans students. I am a USA- educated but idle because of the wrong politics of USA in this 21 first century around the world specifically, in most poor countries. Lesson; never, and never touch somebody ideology by force. We are now all citizen in this globalization world so, why touch peoples ideology???.
Prof. Nazar M. Karyar Kabul-Afghanistan. E-mail: