Re: Reactive Power Management


Mostly loads in any industry are of inductive nature on LT side. For operation & control of big manufacturing plants in the electrical room it contains MCCs and PCCs. It is desirable that the consumed load should be nearer to Unity power factor. so that company stay away from the penalty given by Electricity Board.

But how to overcome the lagging effect so that system can use effectively and efficiently delivered power by Electricity board.

Here is the solution.
With the use of capacitor bank. In industries this scheme is adopted as a APFC Panel (Automatic Power factor Control).
How to determine the rating of capacitor need to connect?

Here is the calculation.

Qc = P ( Tan@1 – Tan@2 )

P= power in kilowatts
Qc= Required reactive power in KVar
Cos@1= operating power factor of system
Cos@2=Required power factor for system
@1= operating power factor angle
@2= required power factor angle

Whatever ans u’ll get is the rating of your capacitor bank need to connect across the load to achieve nearer unity power factor.