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therealabdo said:

Dear Engineer;

Actually i was working on installing a power factor correcting on a factory and i heard an info i just want to confirm it:

We all know that power factor correcting panels reduces the Kvar. and you get some discounts on the bill

What I heard is that with each 1 Kvar u SAVE, 10 Watta increases in ur consumption. Which means reducing Kvar will increase ur Watta which results a higher bill..but with the discounts u gain …the bill will be approximately the same…

What do u think?

I am not agreeing with you. If you increase the p.f It will definitely
reduce the bill. Basically P.f means capacitor. It just needs initial current
to charge the capacitor. Once it is charged, it acts as an open circuit. Well,
surely it consumes some energy which is negligible. Now if u r determined to
find the consumption of the capacitor, then please calculate with the basic
charging current calculation, which is available in any basic electrical
circuit book.


 P.f basically  increase the power  angle of voltage and current in such a way  that,  it consume less active power for the
inductance load specifically and decrease the KVAR / dc component of the
machine. if u r not still convince come back to me.