Re: plasma technology


@saipurushotham said:
 sir i need the full details about electricity from lightning  (plasma technology)


Plasma techonology is used in Gas tube arrester (GDT ….Gas Discharge Tubes) for lightning protectection of electric equipments in building structures. Up to 100kA 10/350µs test wave form.

Such GDT are a Hi Tech ceramic tube filled with inert gas and hermetical soldered with electrodes at 950°C in a gas tight oven.

Only few specialized companies in the world can do that for high performance . Like

The production process, gas mixture and gas pressure, as well as the electrode material is kept as a secret of the manufacrturer 

For lightning plasma you should ask Lightning research scientists in University of Hobbart in Tasmania. They are leader in lightning research. Under “Gas discharge technology” and “Gas Plasma” you can find a lot of informations in Internet