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Spir Georges GHALI

@Arunraje03 said:
Dear aLL,

Need your HeLp.!!

I want run a pump of 0.5HP only 5mins with time gap of 4hours.

Suppose at beginning of the day say at 8am I will manually start the motor it should be on only for 5mins. after 4hour (i.e. at 12pm) it should be ON automatically only for 5mins and again (at 4pm) it should be ON again for 5mins.

This cycle should repeat everyday.

Can anybody help me in this regards please provide me detail Bill-of-Material required and connection diagram.



Daer ;

You can easily do the sequential run & off by using a ” Daily Timer ” produce by ” Schneider Electric, hager, ABB, Legrand, … “, and as the running time is only ” 5 min ” you should have :

– Digital Daily Timer

– With reserve 

but be careful that the auxiliary contact of timer should energize the coil of suitable contactor that will run & stop the motor, as the nominal current of the auxiliary contact is small ” ≈ 6A ” and not for AC3