Re: motor rating


Sasikumar said:

we are having the centrifugal backward van blower. flow is 22000 nm3/hr. pr. 3300 mmWc. to run this blower what is the capacity motor required. as per supplier recomendation 315 KW with soft starter. but we started the blower frequently triping at 1700 rpm. speed not picking up with in 35 seconds. can you help me to short out the problem.

please tell us what is starter u r using now ? is it a soft starrter , Star delta, soft starter or what ?

see there is a basic calculaiton for a fan speen motor find the power requirement and take the eqivalent size of appropriate motor.

Now starter plays a vital role , set the paramer as per the manufacutere requirement if it is not still in solutin , please tell us in detail ….of your problem..