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 LT switchgear/ LT switchboards/ LT Panels/ LV switchboards : This is a syatem/panels which are used for 415 V (phase to phase) , for electrical distribution and motor control, in any type of industries. There are many other purposes, but we will maneuver on them later.
The boards are fabricated and comply with IEC 60439-1 as well as with derived
national standards NF EN 60 439-1, VDE 0660 Part 5, DIN 41-488, BS 5486, NBN
C63 439 and CEI Italy 542 concerning the construction of type-tested assemblies

Well these are just compliyances. Lets se wot LT Switchgear has more to offer.


Types of the same. 

 1] PCC-Power Control Centre 
     PDB-Power Distribution
     MPDB-Main Power Distribution Board

 2] MCC-Motor Control
     MCP Motor Control

 3] ACDB-Alternating Current Distribution Board

 4] DCDB-Direct Current Distribution Board


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