Re: load calculation details

Spir Georges GHALI

Dear Sir, how r u? me working in one pump station,for making SLD i need to calculate the total load,f i have cable size like 3c, 185mm2 ,then which proper size of mccb we will use? i need some proper formul/tableshOW I WILL  calculade load?And how i will calculated real power,reactive power?waiting for prompt response. Thanks



Dear ;


First, I thing that you are talking about the disgning of the network for A Pumping Station, so, to be able to define the necessary procedure, let me the following points :

– The power supply voltage for the motors is ” MV  or  LV ” ?

– Are you talking about an extention for this station ? or it's totally new one.

– An idea about : the No. of motors and the avearage power.

– The power supply is ” Transformer  or  Generator  or  both “