Re: led lighting


Well, I don’t think electricity is in any danger of disappearing any time soon.  The fuel sources (required to make the electricity) are likely to change a few times over the next century or two. 

LED’s are most likely to be the future for all lighting soon enough.  The only thing holding them back now is price and assembly costs.  But that will be better once the automation is put to work.

I must say, I’m not sure what kind of lighting you mean by “GLS” or “FTL”.  Not all of us use these terms as often as you might because you are in a particular segment of business.  If by FTL you are referring to “fluorescent tube linear” your numbers may be too general to make a valid comparison.  Perhaps you have been talking to the marketing folks a little too much.

Lighting has frequently been too complex of a subject for many people to understand.  By that I mean that terms such as CRI (color rendering index) really does not compute for most people.  But it can be extremely important in some situations.  Other terms have been generated due to technical issues with respect to getting the best response for your device (or lamp) and most people really don’t care.  In fact, if it turns ON then that is generally all they want to know.  If it doesn’t look like enough light, they get a bigger bulb.  That is about all that most people (>90%) really care about.  As to how much it will save, … there is always tomorrow to pay for it.  It just needs to work when it is turned on!