Re: JOB!!! Energy Expert needed


Hello ..

I am Nadir , this kind of  technology is requiring an expert in some of disiplines governing Electrical controls ,mechanical,hydraulic process  and primordially a materiels specialist in case that you need a new conception of the ( photo voltaic and solar cells ) ..but look .. actually this kind of conceptions are already in the markets…. you can find them, i mean ( wind electircal generator,photo voltaic cells , and solar cells ..etc )

if i had understood correctly your request is that YOU NEED A DESIGNER WHO CAN ENSURE THE ASSEMBLY OF THESE ENERGIES TO DELIVER A UNINTERRUBTIBLE AND CONTINIOUS POWER TO THE USERS '' ,this kind of 'challenge' need expenses ! can say..70000 dollars to produce around  120 kw for the construction the prototype……you dont need another large expenses if you need to produce the double or more of the previous enrgy ….it can be done if your site produce electrical energy from wind as best ..i advice you to conserve and save the energy into a hydraulic processing system using heat transfer media ( heat can be trasferd into high pressure too) 

finaly ,what potential of expenses do you can for this kind of facility ,this is an EPC  contract and it need 07 to 08 months…

for more inquiries you can contact me in ..  or   phone 213 667860585