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Until “intelligent” buildings incorporate some sort of AI into their design, they are not intelligent, rather they are automated. The wirter makes a good point that if an occupant is intending to use the facility in a way that it is currently not programmed for, they will have to take extraordinary measures to make it work the way they want to. So either some form of manual override, with default timers that revert back to programmed status to prevent the forgetful user from wasting energy, or a truly artificial intelligence driven contrlols package that takes in the user input from override and automatically adapts to the routine changes to the pre-programmed use.
I have a feeling there is little motivation, or financial return in the shrot term to develop a truly intelligent building, but this line of thinking may allow for a more robust bulding control package that incorporates a user interface that allows for minor reprogramming of the system on an as needed basis.