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I would not agree with you that CFL is for pure people. We can´t compare LED and CFL, because those two light sources are not so similar as it seems.
LED is constructed of three spikes(red, green, blue) and in our eyes or brain it becomes white light.
The colour rendering factor is not so high as in case of bulb lihght or fluorescent, because it does not contain full spectar of colours.
Another fact is present, the shadow is so sharp and straight that it makes “its own” shadow.
There is a lot of things to talk about it, but the fact is, a few years ago, LED was five times less effective then fluo, but now it is very close to fluo, even price is now acceptable if we calculate the life of lighting(10 years minimum) but can we know what is the progress of new inovations and improvements for cca five years. Also CFS has imrovements, so it depends of us to choose it LED or CFL(energy consumption, life of lighting, benefits, and the most important thing – for what purpose) we still can not make the same and unique calculation. It is still to choose according to purpose and our expecting!