Re: Harmonics statistics


Hello Friends, Does anyone have any data on harmonics produced by different equipments based on any experiments carried out? Thanks & Regards,Nadeem


Dear Nadeem,


I just now install Actif Harmonic filter at we'r electricity source after we find THDI more than 40%, base on regulation that is significant risk.

we use sinwafe from scheneider product , right now after install THD I has been reduce untill 6%


Note :

1. Measure Total harmonic Distorsion at  Electricity source ( Main Distribution Board )

2. For THD I if you want to install Actif Filter harmonic capacity that have to 30% from ampere total

   example if  total Ampere RMS is 100 ampere , Actif Filter capacity  install is 30 ampere.



 John Panra