Re: electricity consumption


Graham Fields said:

Well all equations aside, can't help wondering if the origins of the original question are not those based on the old  techno myth that “It’s cheaper to keep something running continuously i.e. a fluorescent tube than switching it on and off many times because of the start current, current surge.

In reality if this held true I suspect that your Hall effect electricity meter would fly off the wall.

In short a motor of that size would get up to speed that fast that the electricity meter would not have time to register the load change so you would not see any increase in energy consumption.

Curiously I once met an energy conservation consultant whom was asked a similar question in a meeting I attended by the client. He confirmed to the client that it was cheaper to keep the luminaires switched on. When challenged on this point by myself his response was “Well that certainly used to be the case”, not a lot more I can say to that.

Thanks for your opinion.