Re: Electrical Circuits Basics.


Thank you very much Aakash. I got it this way:

1. Voltage is the driving source in any closed circuit.

2. Due to resistances there will be drop in effective voltage to draw current in closed circuit; because some voltage will be absorbed by resistances or it can be said that resistances will drop  some voltage across them.

3. According to relation V=IR; since net potential difference in a circuit (i.e. voltage (D.C.)) is constant; increase in resistance in circuit reduces net current in circuit to makeup for the above relation and on reduction in circuit resistance there will be rise in current.

4. In any circuit with any fixed battery source and resistances; current at any point in the closed circuit will be same. The potential drop in circuit can be seen to consume some voltage across circuit terminals in form of potential drop across them.

5. If we imagine a circuit with zero resistance; any potential difference across closed circuit will draw infinite current. That is magnitude to potential difference in closed circuit becomes irrelevant to limit the flow of current in a resistance-less circuit.


Please correct me if i’m wrong somewhere.