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Hi there

 What electric vehicles do you expect to use the charging station? If they are only a specific kind of vehicle, you would require the specifications from the vehicle manufacturer. If the stations are intended for public use, then the charging points must be suitable for all possible vehicle manufacturers. There are international standards currently being drafted regarding electric vehicle charging, and this is a big issue if electric vehicles ever become mainstream. Anything you install now should be future proofed for these standards that are imminent.

 What type of charging stations do you require? Standard charging of fast charging? This greatly affects the electrical capacity and infrastructure required. For example, for standard charging (typical full charge around 8 hours), a domestic type socket outlet is suitable, or fast or rapid charging can charge a vehicle battery in approximately 20 minutes – but a  three-phase supply is required. 

 You would also want to ask questions regarding ownership of the chargers. Would you want to charge users for the electricity they use? How would you do this?

 There really are many issues to consider.

 Tying to answer your original question, here in the UK Elektromotive manufacture a product called Elecktrobay. This is one of many manufacturers, and although they may not be appropriate in your case, it is well worth having a scout around their website to get a better idea of what is needed.  This kind of company also install the charging posts, and the use of a local company like this would be recommended as they should be aware of the many issues surrounding electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

Finally, any electrical charging infrastructure you provide would have to meet your national wiring regulations, and although I am not aware of the French codes, I would assume they are based on European Harmonised documents and would required over-current protection etc (certainly protection would be required at the source of supply – i.e. in the switchboard!).

 Hope this is of some use.