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Katy said:


I am the technical manager for the town hall of a French city.

In the city, we have 30 000 inhabitants and 15 000 cars. People mainly work out of town, and take the train to go to the bigger city 30km ahead. So we are thinking of installing 1 station with 2 terminals and 4 charging points on the car park of the train station. And we will install 1 terminal with 2 charging points in the car park in front of the city hall, where the market takes place.

From the information we got during the Mayors fair, I have doubts on the electric architectures we need to put in place for those 2 stations? Some say we should have a dedicated panel board, others that the specific equipments for measurement or protection should be included in the existing switchboard? … And they are even other manufacturers that recommend that all the protection should be in the charging terminal and not in the switchboard? But I am not sure what is best to get an effective protection?

You have in France an excellent company specialized in chargers and UPS systems. Its name is Chloride.

This information, you supplied here is not enough. I wouldn't spread here all the necessary data, but keep in mind: charging is very sensitive.

Just example: if you don't have enough power 'to start charge' all process go in vain.