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i want to  knows that what is the effect of a capacitor on the distribution line and with a motor.i mean how itss work and why we use it?


Why to compensate the energy revives?

That because in the first place that reduces the reagent currents at the level of transformers and machines, so frees(releases) from the visible energy, relieves these last ones and minimizes the risk of heating(warm-up) and the technical problems. And secondly to improve the cos ( phi ) because companies receives a penalty for an inferior cos ( phi ).

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Effects of Capacitors:-

      Although their are advantages of using Capacitor banks for distribution network as its reduces the current drawn by the cables during heavy load period to improve p.f of the line also increase the performance of the line and also improves the voltage of the line and also reactive power consumption is reduced, but if their is no requirement of capacitors and kept charged during low load period it also starts drawing power and behaves a load also line voltage increases. 

When capacitors are connected to motors its most advantageous for reactive power compensation i.e it improves the power factor of the motor which normally for induction motor is too low, by installing capacitor bank or APFC's it reduces the current drawn by the motor and also reduces the harmonic content.