Re: effect of capacitor

Alen Matanovic

First of all,, You need to know that capacitor banks are mainly used to improve power factor, and to compensate reactive power request by induction motors..

The effect on installation is little rise in voltage,, and, if there are reactors connected (if problems with harmonic distortion are present), there's also possibility of resonance conditions..

I supose simple “google search” could help if you enter “capacitor effect” and search a little..

There's also a mirror link: [Link removed by moderator team] to very usefull e-book from 2005. (skip to page 13th for a “contents” list, there's almost everything You want to know),, than You may ask further questions about specific problem ;)..


(P.S. I apologize to admin for posting mirror link, hope Usman B. click it first, before You delete it)

Cheers,, Alen..

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