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Alen Matanovic

rejhan karaman said:

It is very hard to explain it to you briefly.

First of all there is no software that can automatically carry out a calculation of reactive power compensation.

The most important of parameters are:

1) in which the voltage level of compensation is done.

2) what kind of compensation you want. (for your factory is better to dynamic reactive power compensation with thyristors.)

3) which type of electrical consumers is necessary to compensate.

4) single-pole electric scheme of the plant (factory).


So I am at you complete disposal for any additional help and questions.



Hello Rejhan,, are You actually from serbia or? Can I write to you in croatian??

However,, for the benefit of others – let's keep conversation in english :)..

I see you're into subject, so I'd like to ask you few questions :).. First,, what is the simpliest way to calculate reactive power request of the loads? Specially if we have various types of nonlinear loads, such as ASD (or VFD) motors, Computer/Office equipment and Fluorescent lighting – and if their distorted current spectrum is known..

Also, how much do you know about NOTCH (LC) harmonic filters,, and can you suggest some materials/books/papers on their calculation?

I'm doing some harmonic analysis using EasyPower software (don't know if You ever heard of it) and I'm expiriencing some problems regarding calculation of these LC filters.. Since I supposed that this programme don't recognize the differences between load characters (i.e. capacitive, inductive),, I simply added their kVAr powers to gain total reactive power that needs to be compensated.. Once knowing that, it's simple to calculate the inductance for inductor in filter to get resonant frequency of problematic harmonic – using Thompson relation.. And another thing,, all loads are three-phase since this programme has no single-line option.. So as all calculations are for three-phase 400V..

Thank You in advance,, and feel free to contact me also over mail, or facebook if you like ;)..

Regards/Pozdrav,, Alen..