Re: CT staturation


abrahan said:

what is the Excaste meaning of CT Saturation??

10 P 20, 15 VA, what is the meaning of 10,   &  20.

if the CT polarrity changed what will happened??

what is the differece between measuring CT & Protection CT??

what is the Saturation Point of measuring CT & Protection CT??

Each CT has a B-H curve which is proportional to the core materials. the y axis is voltage and x axis is magnetising current. This curve has linear part, knee part and fixed part. Saturation means, increasing of current results no voltage increasement. in the linear part, increase of current means increase of voltage, coming to knee part, increase of voltage started to reduce and at a point of the curve, it stops.


10 P 20 means that this CT has a %error (see the 60044-1) at the 20*Primary current.