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Spir Georges GHALI

jatin333 said:

use Variable freq.Drive for converting 1-phase to three phase power

Dear Mr. Jatin333


Your solution can be used in apseical cases, and please note the following :

– For most of manufatures of Variable Speed Drives, the maximum power of a VSD where the Input is ” Ph + N ” and the Output is ” 3 Phases ” is ” 3 kW “.

– The output of these VSD is only ” 3 Phases ” without neutral.

– The protection of the Output currents is dedicated for motors, that means the currents' values of 3 phases should be the same, so, if the power is suitable ” ≤ 3kW ” we should disable this protection as we don't know if the load has the same current of 3 phases.

– A lot of VSD Fonctions should also be disabled.