Re: CO2 emission by countries


Actually, I know Japan is low but I do not have the figures on hand.

So, it is all a big, massive, worldwide conspiracy. The best minds in the world all got together and planned this out for some vague reasons but you do not have a spec of evidence to prove it!

Anyway, please explain how certain gases no longer trap heat in the atmosphere when science has long proven that is what keeps are planet warm.

Also, please explain how burning massive amounts of fossil fuels no longer releases gases into the atmosphere.

Where is your evidence of this massive, worldwide conspiracy? If scientists want to make a name for themselves by creating it, why do not other want to make a name for themselves by exposing it?

Even if you could prove some massive worldwide conspiracy and that CO2 etc. no longer trap heat in the atmosphere, wouldn’t it be logical to move away from fossil fuels regardless or do you enjoy enriching the Muslims and the likes of Chaves?

Wouldn’t developing our own energy resources make a lot more sense than dropping trillions of dollars into a place like Iraq to remove some weak former ally?