Re: CO2 emission by countries


I apologize for my strong comments but it seems that every every turn somebody or other is using mined and/or downright fraudulent data carefully presented to try to place guilt for various things on Western countries in a blatant effort to effect an even greater transfer of wealth. And, frankly, I’ve had enough of it.
I have no access to any of that data nor do I believe that those countries would be that open to making it oublic as long as they can point the finger at big bad America and put their hands in our pockets with our present government’s help.
Sorry, but in the ultimate analysis ostensibly sincere science is perverted for personal financial gain at the expense of anyone willing to be a sucker and I am not going to support this thievery anymore. Mr. Obama has pledged $100 Million of our hard-earned money for a cause that not only has not been proven butalso has been shown to be populated by lying scientists out to make a name for themselves.
And this is only the latest cause among many.
I understand that this is not the proper place for such a rant/vent but it seemed to me that publishing the Co2 emission data in that fashion was just one more such political effort.