Re: Circuit Breaker


Hi. sir . In your question if noises and over heating appear only recently. my answer is yes. when the tenant of our building starts operating.  and we did not change our installation because thats the design of a Proffesional Electrical Engineer. in short a designer of the Electrical in the building.

The size of a wire sir is 250mm². 3-sets

your second question sir what kind of loads are fed by the CB?  

The loads that feds in a CB is, Lightings ,Computers, UPS. ACCU's. the tenant sir is a BPO.(Business Processing Outsource)

Actually Sir not a CB but the wire create a over heating and the CB create a noise.


Your third question sir is if i make an infra-red measurement to show the temperature values of a CB? ye sir. i do. and the temperature is 47 degrees celcius. if a the operation of a tenant ( BPO) is full load.


 The transformer in my other topic is defferent. the transformer that i ask is the power transformer supplyiing power in a whole building.

 thank you sir.