Re: Centre Tapped Transformer


I need two voltages from a centre tapped transformer. I built a bridge rectifier and got 600 volts with reasonably little ripple after filtering. From the centre tap I took 300 volts DC but because it isn’t filtered it is noisy when used in my modulator. (I assume this is because the centre tap contain raw AC as well as the residual Dc component which is about .45 of RMSV)It runs the receiver fine but in the modulator there is enough draw the noise is objectionable. How can I filter the 300 volts without bothering the 600 volts. Should I instead forget the diode bridge and build a full wave (two diode ) rectifier for the centre tap and a similar rectifier filter for the one outer end and ground the other outer end giving me two independent outputs (won’t bother each other except load is load and will sag voltage but I understand that) Please dear engineers , give me a straight forward answer (no hypothetical goobly gook.) Efficiency I don’t care about. When I use a rig for a few hours per year talk of efficiency is simply nonsense to me. I am using a Hammond transformer 600 volt CT capable of 288 mils supply. It is powering a WWII tube tranceiver (No 19WS) I have it working but need a quieter supply on the 300 volt.