Re: capacitor bank


jadeja parakramsinh said:

what is capacitorbank? and how to use capacitor bank in 100hp load?

A capacitor bank is a group (or bank) of several capacitors, sometime of fixed value, sometimes of variable value depending on measured KVAR, that provides sufficient KVAR (capacitance) to lower reactive power and raise power factor for the utility when used on the line side of the incoming electrical service.

A capacitor bank usually would not be required to treat one 100HP load (which I assume is an inductive (standard) electric motor). This could be handled by installation of 1 or 2 capacitors very near the load, on the line side, in parallel with the load. The correct amount of KVAR to add would need to be determined by measuring the KVAR while the motor is run through its varying load conditions (if there are any — i.e. heavy loaded, lightly loaded), so you don't add too much KVAR, but a sufficient amount to get it to approximately 0.95.

Make sure you purchase high quality capacitors of the correct value (KVAR), voltage, and frequency (50hz or 60hz).