Spir Georges GHALI

jaymez83 said:

@6, if your going to specify a percentage for volt drop you should let them know that this volt drop is the total from the intake point to the final circuit not just from a sub-board.

Dear Jaymez83 ;


I think that we do a changing of infortmation at the engineering level, so, that means an engineer should know that the ” total Voltage Drop ” for any point is from the Source to that point.


by the way, I want to drow your attention that when calculating the Voltage Drop it's better that we don't use the formula ” mV x A x m ” for the following reasons :

– The value ” mV ” is for a specific value of Cos φ that is not the case, and also for Sin φ

– I'm not sure if ” mV ” contains ” X . Sin φ ” as for a long cable the value of ” X ” is important.