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ALPI-Caneco said:


A couple of precision about Caneco BT:

– LV genset source supply is possible at any place in the network.

– Caneco BT is calculating in normal and stand-by installation configuration.

– Also Caneco BT multi-manufacturer database integrates technical settings. This allows Caneco BT to make an automatic selection of most adapt cables and protective devices between 10 manufacturer catalogs.

– Caneco BT also makes Import/Export from/to Excel.

I keep at your disposal for any further information.

Laurent Berthelin

ALPI Sales Manager (Caneco BT software editor)



I used Caneco in a previous job, and I was not aware it was possible to place LV Genset anywhere in teh network

==> is it a new functionality?

==> if not, do you have a demo available somewhere which shows this functionality?