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ujjwol77 said:

I am doing a project called ACTIVE POWER FILTER and I have to identify the fundamental frequency component of a signal using Atmega16. Now i believe I have two use DFT or FFT to extract the fundamental frequency component from a signal. But I am having a hard time implementing this on ATmega16. 

Can anyone help me


You should first remove the Fundamental Component (fundamental wave removing circuit : Frequency ie 50 or 60Hz) by R L C network on current sensing circuit (Current Transformer) of harmonic current generating load side &  you will able to extract the present harmonics current from harmonic current generating load end,which will feed the harmonics waveform into deffrential amplifier circuit with Active harmonic filter current feedback.The deffrentiated waveform will send to A/D conversion stage to control the IGBT module by ATmega16.

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