Re: acheiving of powerfactor

Spir Georges GHALI

vijayakumar said:


         how to maintain correct powerfactor battery charging unit factory.

Dear ;


First, we should know the value of Cos φ for the factory that we called Cos φ1, and the value of the running power ” P ” in normal working factory, then define accordingly to the local low, the value of Cos φ2 that we should achieve, and then calculate the needed capacitors ” Q ” by applying the following formula :

Q =  P ( tg φ1  –  tg φ2 )

where :

     – Q : the power in ” kVAR ” for needed capacitors

     – P : the running power in ” kW “

     – tg φ1 : the tangent φ1  ( we know it from Cos φ1 )

     – tg φ2 : the tangent φ2  ( we know it from Cos φ1 )

then accordingly to the value of ” Q ” and the kind of loads, we can do the combination of capacitors.

But be carful, you should know if the factory's network is polluated or not, if yes, you should know the percentage of this polluation, then we can do the choice of the kind of capacitors as we have : Standard Capacitors, Overrated Capacitors, and the Detuned Capacitors.