Re: AC Power (back to basics)


@Spir Georges GHALI said:
Dear Mr. Mill ;

As I remember, that I mentioned before in other Topic to the same remarks that are :

1- The Reactive Energy doesn’t oscillate between “ Source & Load ” ( as mentioned in this Topic ).

2- The reactive Energy is a “ Consumed Energy ” by the installed loads either Inductive or Capacitive, and for that the Utilities install the Reactive Energy Counters “ kVAR meters ”, because if it’s oscillate that means it doesn’t be consumed and no need for these counters.

3- The Capacitors and Inductive Loads consume Reactive Energy, and they don’t store this energy and swinging back and forth between source and load ( as mentioned in this Topic ).

4- The Transformers’ Power are rated in “ Apparent Power – kVA ” because we don’t know the type of loads that will be supplied by them, as the Apparent power will be divided into “ Active Power  &  Reactive Power ” according to the “ Power Factor value ” of the supplied loads.

I agree with your explanation.

1. Reactive Power is indeed consume by inductive load and produced by Capacitive load. 

2. Utility Company does install kVAR meter as in located in Industry Area, as they install / use a lot of inductive machinery.