Re: AC Power (back to basics)

Spir Georges GHALI

Dear Mr. Mill ;

As I remember, that I mentioned before in other Topic to the same remarks that are :

1- The Reactive Energy doesn’t oscillate between “ Source & Load ” ( as mentioned in this Topic ).

2- The reactive Energy is a “ Consumed Energy ” by the installed loads either Inductive or Capacitive, and for that the Utilities install the Reactive Energy Counters “ kVAR meters ”, because if it’s oscillate that means it doesn’t be consumed and no need for these counters.

3- The Capacitors and Inductive Loads consume Reactive Energy, and they don’t store this energy and swinging back and forth between source and load ( as mentioned in this Topic ).

4- The Transformers’ Power are rated in “ Apparent Power – kVA ” because we don’t know the type of loads that will be supplied by them, as the Apparent power will be divided into “ Active Power  &  Reactive Power ” according to the “ Power Factor value ” of the supplied loads.