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Hi, I am a student and many students in our college prepare for this exam. The FE is graded on a pass/fail system. Since each test is a bit different. There isn’t a designated number of passing students for the exam.

Note the following tips will help you.

  • Aptitude testing questions with one correct answer, that all students should be comfortable answers, but there will be many on the exam to introduce a time crunch.
  • Numerical reasoning questions, that aren’t only designed to mathematical ability, but your ability to use data as a tool to solve problems. Don’t think tables of data … but think word problems that give some useful data and some irrelevant data.
  • Mechanical & logical reasoning questions to test concepts like pattern recognition or logical rules that may be used in ethics as an example.
  • Inductive reasoning questions in which all the answers are correct, but the student must choose the most correct.