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    1. An equipment manufacturer would like to precisely control the displacement of an objective lens (weighing 50g) using a computer controlled actuator. A piezoelectric ceramic and an electrostrictive ceramic (Table A1a) have been short listed along with four actuator designs each based on stacks of 15 mm diameter ceramic discs (Table A1b). The manufacturer has specified that the actuator must be controlled by a DC drive voltage with a maximum range of -5000V to +5000V and must be able to give at least 50 m of linear motion. You have been asked to carry out a critical evaluation to select the most suitable combination of material and actuator design for the current application. You must use the data provided along with your knowledge of the piezoelectric effect and the electrostrictive effect to carry out this analysis;

    a) The discs in the actuator stacks can either be wired together in series or in parallel. Which method of wiring should be used for the piezoelectric and the electrostrictive displacement actuator stacks? Justify your answer.

    b) You initially have 8 possible actuator options (4 piezoelectric and 4 electrostrictive) to consider. Your first task is to carry out a preliminary analysis of the actuators and eliminate any that are not suitable for the current application. You must justify why you have eliminated each actuator.

    c) After your initial analysis, you should still have one or more piezoelectric actuators and one or more electrostrictive actuator options available. Create a table comparing the generic properties of piezoelectric materials with the generic properties of electrostrictive materials. For each property, clearly indicate if it is good or bad for the current application.

    d) Which of the remaining actuators would you recommend for the current application? Justify your selection.


    thanks very much for your help if you could get me the answer of b part i think is good engh but if you could do the whole i dont know how could i appreciate it

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