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    With so many panels on the market and so many conflicting views about which ones work best in the UK climate, Solar Plants decided to build its own panel testing site to put an end to all the confusion.


    Currently Solar Plants has 30 different panels on its test site in Bristol, using state of the art web based technology to monitor the performance of each panel.


    The results have proved an eye opener with some unexpected results!


    Solar Plants Energy Advisers use the results from the test site, together with the results from the industry leading Photon Test Lab in Germany, to help make their recommendations to their customers.

    Commenting on the their test site, Solar Plants Managing Director said “It’s still amazes me that other Solar companies still buy a job lot of panels in the hope of flogging them off for a cheap deal!

    “Customers should be given a choice of panels based on performance, warranty and wallet. This is what our energy advisers do well and now with the added data from our test site we can confidently recommend systems that we know perform well in the UK.”

    Solar Plants are continually changing the panels, removing poorer performing panels in exchange for new ones coming onto the market to ensure their energy advisers always have the latest data at their fingertips.

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