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    New application Hitachi VFD, for AC motor (fan , pumps ..etc ) using Solar Cell Power Supply directly.


    The application in general depends on converting the power of the sun rays to a DC power using Solar Cells , Our Hitachi’s VFD Inverters use these power to drive the fan , pump  or any AC motor ;

     Directly or with storage batteries,


    The mechanism of this process goes by the following explanation:

    if the  operator needs  to operate the AC motor (fan , pumps ..etc) in the day hours

    , it can use Hitachi VFD inverter  direct  with the solar cell  which Supplies about 530 – 650 volt DC and it will work as long as the sun is shining


    Inverter and Motor Information:

    The Inverter: Capacity 22  Kw

    The Capacity Motor: 18.5 Kw.

    The Voltage coming from the Solar Cell unstable: 577 vDc.

    The output current: 32.1 A

    The total Solar cell capacity: 24000 Watt

    The Distance from the Solar cell to the Inverter: 30 M

    The Distance from the Inverter to the Pump Motor: 10 M

    The time operating in the day: from 7 Am to 6 Pm


    If the operator needs to operate the AC motor (fan , pumps ..etc ) wither on day time or at  nights he just has to use the storage batteries and the Hitachi VFD inverter  connecting to the batteries(its output voltage abut 530 -650 DC).  


    Please open the attached file to see the video Hitachi VFD with Solar System.

    And you can visit:



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