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    Hi Guys
    I hope you can help me. 
    First of all, I´m not an electrical engineer, so I probably don’t understand short terms, and very complicated words etc.
    I´m doing a project, where I want to rebuild an insole as a pressure pad – no problem here so far. Then I want to record or even better send the duration of the signal (from the pressure pad, when it´s activated) directly to Matlab for analysis through wifi. I don´t know which components I should use for recording the signal and transmitting it to Matlab. Do you have any suggestions? 
    It´s crucial that the detection of the signal is very fast so I perhaps can measure a difference in the ground contact time with each step. (For an example, a patient with a new hip alloplastic would have a shorter contact time with the ground on the newly operated leg due to pain.) 

    Best regards – Kasper

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