Tips to select the best hydraulic power motors

Once you decide to invest on a hydraulic power motor, make sure you have a list on what to rely to stay faithful to your needs. Even if you can count on some professional advices that you can pick up on the net, you can base your choice of hydraulic power motors on some criteria you can define by yourself. 

Pay attention to the size of the motor 

To begin with, remember that the power rating that is needed for a diesel or a gasoline motor should be the double of an electric motor of the same system. But sometimes, some electric hydraulic power units are less expensive than the electricity it consumes.

That is the reason why it is important to pay special attention to the size of the engine you are about to buy. And in order to select the best size of your motor, you can rely on some parameters which include the mechanical pumping efficiency, the pressure and the gallons per minute but also the horsepower. 

Once you choose a motor that can deliver different levels of pressure, its size is not a big criterion. After all, the best motor is the one that can meet the torque requirement.  

Consider the power of the electric motor 

After, you should also pay attention to the power capacity of your engine. And you may probably know that internal combustion motors and electric motors do not necessarily present the same power capacity. 

If you have the classical three-phase electric motor, you can begin its operating sequence by means of a rotor that you can turn according to your needs. If this last begins to accelerate, the torque level moves slightly. It still drops when the rotation reaches a specific rpm rate, the pull-up torque. 

If the rotor speed goes beyond the maximum value also known as the breakdown torque, this last begins to decrease. 

But if you have an electric motor, you may find merely the same process, especially about the motor’s torque-to-speed curve. But in this case, you won’t have the same power capacity which generally does not go beyond the breakdown point. 

Advantages of diesel and Gasoline motor power

Otherwise, in order to choose the most appropriate hydraulic power unit, you should also consider the trendiest suggestions that are observed in the market. And actually, the majority of manufacturers agree that gasoline or diesel motors are the most interesting. 

In fact, gasoline or diesel motors can be used for a long and continuous period of time without using their maximum rated power. This is mainly due the fact that internal combustions motors have a torque-to-speed curve that is completely different from the other models. 

Remember that diesel and gasoline motors only run at higher speed to necessary boost the torque that will transfer its power for making the pump work. 

 If you select these models, you can be assured that you invest on a motor that has a long lifespan. Besides, as you should constantly keep the torque below maximum level, you contribute highly to the fuel efficiency improvement.