Oil Stains Be Gone: Removing and Preventing Stains on Your Driveway

Oil and break fluids – these common driveway contaminants cause a silent menace, casting unsightly stains on your driveway. Seemingly impervious to traditional cleaning methods, these blemishes can mar the aesthetic appeal of your curb and trigger the occasional domestic dispute if your driveway is shared. It’s a nuisance we’re all too familiar with.

However, the challenge of oil stains persists as driveway materials are often porous and resistant to conventional cleaning products, necessitating a touch of unconventional thinking. In this exposé, we unveil a set of tried and trusted methods to expunge these oil stains from your driveway, restoring its former glory. Without further ado…

  • Sawdust and Paint Thinner

This dynamic duo reigns supreme if your quest centres on obliterating oil stains from your driveway. Sawdust, a renowned oil absorber, pairs effortlessly with paint thinner, a notable oil paint dissolver. Combine these forces, and you have a potent stain-removing concoction. Spread the mixed potion on the grease for roughly 30 minutes, then use your broom to remove the leftovers.

  • Oven Cleaner

Another overlooked household remedy, oven cleaner offers a potent solution to oil stains. Simply spritz the affected area with this kitchen cleanser, allowing it a 10-minute interval. Scrub the stain with a bristle brush and rinse it clean with water. Replicate this process as needed until you obliterate the stain.

  • Cat Litter

Yes, you read it correctly – cat litter. Composed of highly absorbent clay, it is an unlikely weapon in the battle against oil stains. To rid your driveway of oils, sprinkle litter on the oil stain, allowing it around 30 minutes (or overnight for larger stains) to work its magic.

Then, use a broom to sweep it away and follow up with a brush and cleansing powder, concluding the cleansing ritual with a refreshing water rinse. In the absence of cat litter, cornstarch, cornmeal, talcum powder, or baby powder can step in as adequate substitutes.

  • Detergent

Household detergent capitalises on molecular and chemical processes to tackle oil stains with finesse. To begin, pour the detergent on the oil stain, add a little water, and apply a sturdy brush in a vigorous scrubbing session.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda mimics the oven cleaner’s mode of operation. Apply it to the stain, allow twenty to thirty minutes for absorption, and douse the area with a hose. If stubborn stains persist, lay down more baking soda, let it settle for a half-hour, and then use a wet, stiff brush to scrub the blemish.

  • Coca-Cola

Budget-conscious homeowners, take note; your everyday Coke is an effective oil-removing agent. Begin by pouring two bottles of Coca-Cola on the oil stain and allow it a day to do its magic. Then, with the aid of a hose, wash away the mix. Should the stain persist, repeat the process with a couple more Cokes, allowing an additional 24 hours for the Coke to do its magic.


The question of how to rid driveways of oil stains has baffled homeowners for generations. We offer you these tried-and-true tips in the spirit of solidarity, but remember, finding the ultimate oil stain remover may involve some trial and error.

Now that you know how to eliminate oil stains from your tarmac and concrete driveway, perhaps it’s time to contemplate a long-term solution – sealing your driveway. This preventive measure can save you the time and effort spent removing oil stains. Kane Contractors can help you facilitate. They are the leading tarmac driveway installer in london and Surrey homeowners call upon when it comes time for anything relating to driveways, be it construction, resurfacing, or resealing.