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Effects of unbalanced power distribution on the neutral line

May 12th, 2017 | 6 Comments | Posted in Electrical distribution
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Again, one of you sent us an article for it to be published on the blog. We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your committement to this community.

We’ve received this essay from Yasser, an electrical engineer from Egypt. He’s interested in all electrical engineering subject and Business related subjects and if you want to be published on the blog, you can of course send us a mail. We agree to post any type of writing!


It’s clear that one of the most common electric businesses is electric distribution for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. And as a rule of thumb all residential buildings have three-phase wye supply and also nearly most of small commercial and industrial facilities. Speaking about wye connection we expect that all three phases have about the same amount of current and the neutral have a very little current, this case is called a balanced system.

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