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Understanding better voltage regulation and power factor justification

May 28th, 2015 | Make a comment | Posted in Electrical distribution
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Hi everybody, this is Steven Mill again with another article about a much discussed topic: voltage regulation and power factor.

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Voltage regulation in commercial establishments

voltage regulation and power factor justification

Voltage regulation and power factor justification are very much interdependent, especially in commercial establishments. In most cases, it can be a very costly affair to obtain voltage regulation.

One of the best solutions to obtain voltage regulation is to employ large or parallel conductors in the circuit. This will help reduce voltage drop when larger loads are in operation.

How can power factor contribute to this?

  • It helps improve voltage
  • It lowers energy costs
  • It helps conductors to be more energy efficient
  • Transformers, buses, over current devices, conductors and switches, can all be utilized to their full capacities. This will in turn reduce the core investment as well as annual costs involved


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