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Chinese are fundamentalists too!

February 2nd, 2016 | Make a comment | Posted in Others
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electrical-engineer-testimony The other day, a 20 years exprience engineer from Pakistan, Muhammad A., explained us why it is important to be a fundamentalist as an engineer.

Today, here’s part 2 of his interesting point of view. Give him your impressions!

Chinese People

I have never been to China, nor have I ever had much interaction with any Chinese individuals. All I know about them is from the literature and the media.
But I know certain things about the Chinese. They are a fast developing developed nation and the most populous of all nations. They are highly disciplined and hardworking; show a greater uniformity in build, height, and color than other nations; are humble and polite; and can eat almost anything.

I may not personally like all these traits. The last one rather puts me off. But I have great respect for Chinese people. What made me such a fan of them without interacting with them? I will tell you a story…


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