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What are Transients & How to eliminate them from Power System?

February 13th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Posted in Electrical distribution
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What are Transients 1

As per the classic definition is concerned, an instantaneous change in the state leading to a burst of energy for a limited time is termed as a transient event. The causes can be both external and internal, with the aftermath being sequential and affecting the other parts too.

As per classification, we have the impulsive and oscillatory transients. There is a further 3 tier subdivision of impulsive and oscillatory transients.

In terms of response, impulsive would elevate in a period of 0.1ms and sustain till 1ms. On the other hand, oscillatory could have a frequency surge up to 5 KHz. One main analytical division is calculating these transients for benchmarking and trouble-shooting purposes.


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